Faith Community Nursing | Health Ministries Northwest to Dissolve December 2019

To all of our Faith Community Nursing Health Ministries NW Community:
We are sad to report our organization is currently dissolving our 501c3 non-profit. We have been challenged financially for quite some time and found it more difficult with each year to replace funding. In May of 2019 the Board hired a permanent executive director, myself, Anneleah Jaxen, who further researched how to replace our lost funding streams. Every possible way to fund a non-profit was sought out and every one of them were found to not be viable for our non-profit. I proposed a “new vision” for re-organizing, “turning around” and re-aligning Faith Community Nursing Health Ministries NW with the many changes that were needed to receive support, however, the cost of time, energy, and money to do this immense project was impossible to reach with the loss of revenue we were facing.
The Board president, Sue Neal, made the decision to seek out legal counsel to discuss the appropriate action to take for the highest good of all concerned. It became clear during the meeting with the attorney that our only honorable course of action would be to dissolve.
The intention is to be completely dissolved by the end December 2019.
Any remaining assets will be donated to our sister organization
Health Ministries Northwest, in Bellingham, WA.
They will continue to support health ministry work in the Pacific Northwest region within their established capacity.
Click here to read more about the transition on Health Ministries Network’s website.
The contact information for Health Ministries Network is below if you are interested in supporting them:
Amelia Vader
Executive Director
Health Ministries Network
Health Ministries Network
We are deeply grateful for each person who connected with us through the 25 years we existed as an organization. Thank you to the “boots on the ground,” the nurses and health ministers who served their communities and congregations so selflessly. Thank you to the coordinators who kept their regions informed and excited. Thank you to the churches who supported their volunteers, the hospitals systems who gave us our financial start and so much help, all the donors and supporters who cheered us on with time energy and money.
You did excellent work and the work will continue. All of the communities are being given directions for how to continue in their own congregations even after we close our headquarter doors. In May 2020 there will be a Coordinator Conference in order for everyone to reconnect and find a new path forward. I have no doubt that something wonderful will be built out of the ashes! You are incredible people who strive for the best.
I leave you with my favorite quote from Michelangelo,
“The greatest danger for most of us is not that we aim too high and miss it, but that we aim too low and we reach it.”
This community has always aimed high and I am incredibly proud to have been a part of you.
May God bless you –
Anneleah Jaxen
Executive Director
Faith Community Nursing Health Ministries NW

What we do

Faith Community Nursing | Health Ministries Northwest is an interfaith, non-profit agency that initiates, develops and supports faith community nursing / health ministries throughout the Pacific Northwest. Membership is open to anyone interested in advancing wellness and wholeness within communities of faith.

We educate, support, and connect Faith Community Nurses and Health Ministers, providing them with resources and evidence-based tools to promote health within their faith community and surrounding neighborhoods. Trained FCNs and HMs are equipped to provide a wide variety of services, such as health education and advising, suggesting referrals, developing needed support groups, volunteer coordination and spiritual care.

Education: FCN/HMN offers classes throughout the Pacific Northwest in basic and advanced faith community nursing and health ministries developed through the Westberg Instituite (formerly called International Parish Nurse Resource Center).

Consultation/Support: FCN/HMN responds to individual, congregational, and organizational requests for assistance in establishing and sustaining a health ministry program.

Resources: FCN/HMN provides resources and information about Faith Community Nursing and promising practices within this specialized form of health ministry.

Conferences/Retreats: FCN/HMN hosts educational conferences and  regional retreats.

What is a Faith Community Nurse?

A Faith Community Nurse is a registered nurse who has completed the “Foundations in Community Nursing” course and who combines both nursing and spiritual commitment in a healing ministry within a faith community. Faith Community Nurses do not do hands-on nursing, but work in partnership with pastors, churches, hospitals, social service agencies and the community. They serve as:

  • Health educators promoting wellness;
  • Health counselors advocating personal responsibility;
  • Teachers and coordinators of volunteers;
  • Referral agents and liaisons with community resources;
  • Integrators of faith and health;
  • Developers of support groups; and
  • Health advocates.

What is a Health Minister / Congregational Health Promoter?

A Health Minister is a person in the faith community who is not an RN but who has taken the “Foundations in Faith Community Nursing” course or the Congregational Health Promoter course. This person contributes his/her skills to the Health Ministry Program, often under the guidance of a Faith Community Nurse, Parish Nurse or Health Ministry Team Leader.

What is a Faith Community Nurse Coordinator?

A Faith Community Nurse Coordinator manager is an FCN who oversees, educates, and supports practicing faith community nurses while organizing, planning, and sustaining the viability of this health ministry within a congregation or a healthcare organization.

This requires additional education, knowledge, skills, and gifts in the areas of community health nursing, not-for-profit management, and faith community life.

Since Health Ministry can be found in any faith community, the coordinator must be open to many faith traditions and be willing to spend time in the greater community promoting health ministry to people, groups, organizations, agencies, and faith communities.

To fully understand the complexities of managing FCNs, it is strongly recommended that FCN coordinators attend the Foundations of Faith Community Nursing course or another comparable course prior to or within one year of becoming a coordinator. In addition, the Westberg Institute FCN Coordinator/ Manager course is recommended.


Watch how faith community nurses and health ministers
impact health and well-being in their local neighborhoods: