Mother_DaughterAdverse Childhood Experiences

Kids & Healthy Attitudes- Raising Awareness about Adverse Childhood Experiences, Resiliency, and Trauma Informed Practices for Faith Communities

Faith community nurses and health ministers are a particularly important part of the healthcare system, addressing needs that go beyond physical to include spiritual needs as well. Before this discussion, I hope you’ll take a moment to watch Mr. Rogers’s Goodbye, in honor of 50 years of Mr. Rogers’ neighborhood: One of the reasons that Mr. Rogers…


Spotlight on Oregon: Live Longer Lebanon

Deb is a certified occupational health nurse specialist and Faith Community Nurse from Lebanon, Oregon. She retired from full-time employment at SAIF Corporation in Salem, OR in April, 2017 after a long career in safety and health consulting to focus on faith community nursing and health ministry. She has submitted this information for the newsletter…