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One-Time Gift

Chronic Disease. Behavioral Health. Access to Healthcare. Preventable Causes of Death. These are issues affecting the pacific northwest’s most vulnerable communities — and these are issues addressed by Faith Community Nurses and Health Ministers through faith communities’ Health Ministries programs.

In a landscape full of health challenges, Faith Community Nursing/Health Ministries Northwest sees the possibility for transformative change. We are training nurses and laypersons across Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Wyoming, to empower individuals and the faith community in making choices that promote their own and the surrounding community’s best health.

Your support helps deliver the education, resources, training, support, and networking Faith Community Nurses, Parish Nurses, and Health Ministers need.

Please give today to help FCN/HMN support FCNs and HMs who are serving vulnerable people around the pacific northwest build better, stronger lives. Now, and for the future.

We are a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit; tax ID: 94-3180955

Monthly Gift - Sustaining Giver

Please join our special community of monthly Sustaining Givers who play a key role in helping to provide steady support to build better lives and transform their communities for good.

Your reliable monthly gifts will provide long term support and transform lives around the Pacific Northwest.

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Corporate Sponsorship

Health Ministry is a joint effort between faith communities and health care systems.
We work with healthcare systems and community agencies to create partnerships and solutions that align with company goals and missions in unique, impactful ways. Sponsors support FCN/HMN’s ongoing operations and development of programs that improve health via the work of faith community nurses, health ministers, and faith community health ministries.


This partnership is most evident when health care organizations, such as hospitals, provide financial support for the ongoing operation and development of faith community nursing. Such an arrangement opens up avenues of cooperation and collaboration that help reduce health care costs, facilitates the admission and discharge processes for faith community members, reduces unhealthy reliance on acute care facilities, and opens up opportunities for education, advocacy, and referral.

Such partnerships benefit health care systems, the people who access this care, and faith community nurses who often serve as a bridge between the two. They also affirm the important contribution that the faith community makes to the healing process itself.

Become a Corporate Sponsor by contacting our Interim Executive Director at anneleahjaxen@gmail.com or by calling 503-413-4920.


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